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Elevator mats for condos, apartment buildings, and office towers!

Here’s the top 3 reasons why building operators use custom elevator mats in their buildings:

 1. Dry, clean, safe floors.

Elevators often have tile (or other hard surface) flooring, which is great for durability – and not so great for dealing with puddles of standing water!  On rainy days, visitors to your building stand in your elevators and drip, drip, drip on your floors from their shoes, their coats, and their umbrellas.  Elevator mats help keep puddled water from turning into a slip and fall safety hazard.

2. Protect against move-in / move-out damage.

No matter how careful occupants or residents try to be, damage to elevator cabs during move-ins and move-outs is almost inevitable.  You protect the walls of your elevator cab with padded moving curtains – why not take similar care of your elevator floor with a mat?

3. Cheaper than replacing installed cab flooring.

Slipcovers are an economical way to spruce up a tired couch, and custom mats can do the same job for your tired elevator cab.  Go with a basic charcoal mat for the most cost-effective improvement, or add a bit of style and flair with a custom decorative border or your building’s name inlaid right into the mat!  See our inlay process in a short video here: www.sourcefloor.com/logo

Every one of our elevator mats are custom-made to order right here in Port Coquitlam.  Check out our Elevator Mat page on our website for more details!