Custom Door Mats, Entrance Mats

How Custom Welcome Mats Can Help Set The Right Mood for Your Clients

When it comes to designing your lobby or the entry way to your business, details are everything. It is not uncommon to have custom welcome mats made for your business. Think beyond basic hardware-store-quality mats to a high-performance entry mat with personality, purpose, and function.

Brand Your Business

Custom welcome mats are an easy way to brand your business. Even if subconsciously, stepping on a high-quality mat is something your patrons can feel—but there’s more! You can have your mat customized to whatever size or shape your entrance requires. Your mat can be contoured to fit the precise dimensions of your doors; this includes one mat that can run the length of multiple doors, mats for revolving doors, and mats that curve with your entrance, counter, or design. Even if in a neutral color combination, quality mats brand you as a professional with attention to detail.

Directional Mats

Directional mats are a great way to help organize queues in your client waiting areas.  If you have a lineup for your customers, then you need a directional mat!  Directional mats can either supplement or replace stanchions entirely, and serve two purposes at once: they help to inform your clients of where lines begin and end, and they also keep your floors clean, dry, and safe.  We can build directional mats as simple as a long rectangle, or zig-zagging switchbacks for long lineups – it’s completely up to you!

Function and Form

Although entrance welcome mats are primarily about function, don’t let that stop you from considering form as well!  Grizzly FX mats are extremely functional for keeping your floors clean, dry, and safe, but do while giving an elegant, carpet-like appearance.  If you want to take your entrance’s appearance to the next level, consider one of our inlaid logo mats!  Inlaid logo mats provide you with a heavy duty entrance mat with a logo that can never fade or rub off because the logo is inlaid, not printed on.

Source Floor has a variety of custom welcome mats for Canadian business owners, from simple indoor mats to complete indoor/outdoor entrance matting systems. Reach out today, and we will walk you through which options will best meet your needs!