Custom Inlaid Logo Matting: How It’s Made To Last!

Custom Inlay Logo Matting: How It’s Made To Last!

Creating a custom logo mat requires both artistry and technical precision; Source Floor’s computer-controlled custom cutting table enables us to achieve outstanding results in both categories! The mechanical marvel behind our Logo Mat Program, our CNC cutting table allows us to custom-design inlaid logos for nearly any of our products. From premium Grizzly FX and our exclusive indoor-outdoor Kermode product, to Duromat spaghetti matting and even Pedisystems, there’s almost nothing this big guy can’t take on. With that in mind, we thought we’d take the opportunity to show off our table hard at work! In the following video, you can see the table’s ultrasonic blade moving automatically over a solid piece of our premium Grizzly FX inlay matting, creating a precision-cut logo based on digitized art:



When the table has completed the task at hand, a solid piece of inlay matting will have been transformed into precisely sized components of the logo  – just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – that are now ready for use in the hand-assembly of the custom entrance mat.

From Machine to Man: The Finishing Process

Next, the freshly-cut entrance matting and logo come together in our manufacturing facility, where our production team takes over, assembling our “jigsaw puzzle” into a beautiful piece of functional art. Once the logo pieces are fitted into the surrounding entrance mat, we chemically weld them together for a lifetime bond. Then, to ensure an even higher degree of resilience, a secondary backing material is added to the mat using the same sophisticated chemical bonding process. Our finished product is a sharp, crisp inlaid logo, using material that carries all the same performance qualities of the surrounding entrance mat. And unlike fuzzy-looking printed logos, the custom inlaid logo is totally colourfast – that is, dyed throughout the whole fiber – and will never wear off.

Ready to Take On The World, One Step at a Time!

Custom Quality entrance matting isn’t just your building’s first line of defense against the wear and tear of tracked-in dirt and debris; it’s also a great way to boost your image and make a great first impression. With a looped-pile, tufted construction, custom inlaid logo matting created with our Grizzly FX product feels great underfoot and offers a high-quality experience the moment your customers set foot in the door. And with nearly 100 custom Grizzly FX inlay colours available, there’s sure to be one that replicates your company’s logo flawlessly!