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Can I use sanitizing mats at home?

Although we’re a commercial flooring & matting company, we’ve gotten a lot of inquiries in the last few weeks from customers who want to know if they can use Grizzly Sanitize at home.  The answer is…

Yes, you can!

Grizzly Sanitize is particularly well-suited for use in residential settings as well as commercial applications.  Unlike open-tray plastic or moulded-rubber sanitizing mats on the market, Grizzly Sanitize has an appealing carpet-like appearance that doesn’t look like something belonging in meat packing plant or a laboratory.  Because Grizzly Sanitize is woven like carpet out of top-quality Econyl nylon, it actually holds the sanitizing solution within the fibres themselves like a sponge.  The other guys use a shallow tray with standing sanitizer liquid that’s prone to spills, splashing, and mess.

Grizzly Sanitize‘s sponge-style construction also means that your entrance floor doesn’t need to be perfectly flat and level, too!  Open tray sanitizer mats spill and allow the sanitizer solution to run out the sides if they’re placed on irregular or un-level floors.

Want a sanitizing mat for your home but don’t have sanitizing solution to fill it with?  No problem!  We’ve got you covered there too, with our Vital Oxide sanitizing solution.  It’s been officially approved by Health Canada to kill COVID-19, but it’s so safe to handle that it’s completely food-safe, even without rinsing.  And Vital Oxide has been certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute to be safe for your installed floors too.

Not sure why you’d need a sanitizing mat for home?  Click here to read our blog post about the dangers of secondary contact with infected surfaces.