Anti Fatigue Mats

Big List of Benefits Heavy Duty Anti Fatigue Mats Bring to Your Employees

As a business owner you are always searching for ways to improve safety, increase productivity, and improve employee morale. Sometimes, initially inconsequential changes can make a world of difference. If you own or operate a business where your employees have to stand in once place for long periods of time, heavy duty anti-fatigue mats are a must.

The Harder The Floor, The More You Need Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats can be layered on top of absolutely any type of flooring. However, the harder your floor—the more heavy-duty your mat should be. For example, cement floors are far less comfortable to stand on than natural wood. This means you should opt of or a mat that is at least 3/8 to 1 full inch thick. Just make the mat is secure, and tapered at the sides.

Comfort And Increased Circulation

It might be easy to think that it just feels better to stand on a heavy duty anti-fatigue mat, but it is so much more. Don’t get me wrong; there is a benefit to providing your employees with cushy comfort. However, the advanced technology in heavy duty mats increases circulation—by stimulating slight and natural movements while standing. This eases pressure points, minimizes pain.

Reduced Pain And Fatigue Means Increased Productivity

Standing on your feet day after day can be jarring. Even with proper shoes, stretching, and regular exercise—your employees are likely to experience any combination of feet, leg, knee, back, and neck pain. This worsens if they already have injuries, chronic pain, or are overweight. Aside from the pain of standing, pain makes you tired. Over time, this constant discomfort will lead to a decrease in productivity, even an increased number of breaks. We’re not just talking about one team member, but almost your entire team.

Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Mats

If you own or operate a restaurant, bakery, or business where your floors are often wet—then the anti-fatigue mats will also reduce the risk of slips and falls. Just make sure that you select a mat that is adequately tapered on the edges, so your team does not slip when stepping from the mat to the flooring. As soon as the non-slip backing starts to wear, replace the mat.

They Aren’t Just For All-Day Standing

A popular trend in offices around the globe are convertible desks and work stations that allow employees to either sit or stand. As freeing as it feels to have an alternative option to standing, employees quickly find that transitioning from sitting all day to standing some or all of the day quickly leads to back pain. To help ease the transition, consider providing heavy duty anti fatigue mats.

These are just a handful of benefits to investing in advanced anti fatigue mats. While these thick mats cost a bit more than standard non-slip floor mats, they are an investment that pays itself back tenfold. Within the first day of use, your employees will feel the difference!

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