Benefits of Buying Entrance Matting Over Renting

Cost Benefits of Buying Entrance Matting Over Renting

It often makes sense to rent a product to address a short-term need.  The vast majority of businesses, however, require entrance matting on a long-term basis.

Purchasing your own entrance matting not only puts an end to never-ending rental fees, but also puts control of your customers’ first impression back in your hands  – where it belongs!

Maintenance: Once a Week Isn’t Always Enough

Rental matting companies will tell you that nothing beats the convenience of having your matting picked up every week and replaced with clean matting. There’s a problem, though:

Cleaning needs can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, and this doesn’t necessarily fit with a predetermined cleaning schedule!

Imagine a windy, rainy autumn day of heavy traffic over your mats. Even if they were freshly cleaned and dropped off the day before, they’re now a leafy, muddy mess, and not one you – or your customers – want to step over for the week to come!

Quality: The Welcome Mat That Trips Your Customers Isn’t Very Welcoming

Custom entrance matting is exactly that: customized to your needs, your space, and your clientele. We’ve all entered a business that has poorly-sized, bunched-up entrance matting strewn about. Perhaps your foot has been caught under one occasionally.

Your customers’ first impression of your business should never be low-quality entrance matting, especially ones that create a trip hazard. Purchased matting uses a heavier, more secure edging material that doesn’t bunch, lift, or shift, is sized right for your space, and can be customized with your business name or logo.

Service: You’re A Valued Customer, Until You’re Not A Valued Customer

Here’s an excerpt from a Yelp review we found for a large rental matting company:

“Our serviceman took our door mats and replaced them with [Company’s] mats. When we canceled our mat service they said they had already destroyed our original mats and will take back [their] mats too if we didn’t continue to use their service. “

Source Floors’ focus is always on quality of service, not on volume; we work closely with clients to ensure their matting needs are met with solutions that are warranted against defects, fit their space and business requirements, and look great.  And we’ll only take away your old matting if you ask us to!

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