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Are Scrape And Dry Indoor Matting The Best Option For An Office Building Front Door?

Are Scrape And Dry Indoor Matting The Best Option For An Office Building Front Door?

If you own, operate, or maintain an office building, you are sure to be in need of reliable commercial indoor mats. While it might sound as though it would be easy to select the correct mat for your entryways, there are a lengthy list of options to choose from. One of the most reliable entrance mats in the industry are scrap and dry mats.

What Makes Scrape And Dry Mats Unique?

Scrape and dry mats are an advanced matting system. Depending on your needs, you may need just a scraping mat, just a drying mat, a two-part mat setup—or a dual dryer scraper mat.

Scraping: it is polite, and quite frankly in your best interest in terms of safety, to wipe or scrape your feet off on the entry way mat when you arrive. However, when it is icy, muddy, or there is dirt and debris stuck to your foot—scraper mats are designed to stand up to the test. They can scrape away the excess so that it’s not tracked indoors.

Drying: snow, ice, rain, and mud all have one thing in common. They are wet. With the advanced technology and innovative design, these commercial indoor mats are layered to provide a dry surface—even when everyone walking through your entry way has wet soles.

Dual Dryer Scraper Mats: one of the most popular choices, is to invest in a dual dryer scraper mat. These mats are layered to both scrape debris, while absorbing water, and drying off shoes and boots. They are also designed to dry quickly so that they can keep up with your traffic flow.

Two-Part Mat Setup: if you have high traffic, or live in an area with extreme winters, or wet and rainy weather—a two-part mat setup may be your best plan of attack. In most cases, you place the scraping mat outside in front of the entryway, and the drying mat just inside the entry way. You could also place two dual dryer/scraper mats in both.

Are Dryer Scraper Mats Really Worth The Extra Expense?

There are no shortage of indoor mats for the front door. However, dryer scraper mats are truly the most advanced. They may cost a bit more than a standard rubber-backed matting system, but it is a cost that pays for itself.

Safety: first and foremost, the safety of your employees and your patrons is worth the extra expense. The last thing you want is an injury, or legal action, because someone slipped and fell in your lobby. Indoor mats for the front door are also excellent for capturing allergens and pollutants tracked in from outdoors. This will help keep you and your team health.

Maintaining Your Lobby: your indoor mats protect your lobby flooring in two ways. First, they provide protection from high footstep traffic that is inevitable at any main door. Second, they protect your hardwood, carpet, and even your laminate from the damages caused by sitting water, and scratches caused by debris that would otherwise be tracked indoors. Your maintenance crew will thank you because your mats will make cleaning your floors faster, easier, and less frequent.

Overall Aesthetic: you want to impress your clients as soon as they walk through the front door of your office building. This requires an extreme attention to detail, and one of the many details is the appearance of your floors.

If you are ready to upgrade your indoor floor mats, Source Floor has the commercial dryer scarper mats you are looking for. All of our mats are available in a variety of neutral colors to ensure they blend well with your lobby design.

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