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Active vs Passive: The Appearance of Clean

Not all entrance matting is created equal! ¬†Of course, the functional purpose of entrance matting is to stop incoming dirt at your door…but nobody wants to see it between cleanings! ¬†That’s where Grizzly FX comes in. ¬†Grizzly FX‘s proprietary tufted loop construction actively hides dirt until it’s removed by regular maintenance.

We poured two sugar packets on generic knob-style matting, and two more on our Grizzly FX matting – and watch what happens with a single brushstroke:


The sugar has fallen below the surface of both mats, but look how much less is still visible¬†with Grizzly FX! ¬†With knob-style mats, dirt has nowhere to hide – it stays visible in the open spaces between each raised knob. ¬†But Grizzly FX‘s tufted loops pull dirt down and hide it within the face of the mat, out of sight until it’s vacuumed up.

The large open spaces between knobs actually make vacuuming¬†more¬†difficult – all that open air space makes it difficult to get suction strong enough to lift out dirt. ¬†But regular maintenance with Grizzly FX is a snap! ¬†The closeness of the tufted loops helps to “close the air gap”, allowing the vacuum’s suction to focus on lifting dirt instead of moving ambient air.

Contact us today to find out how you can get Grizzly FX‘s active cleaning power working to keep your space looking great!