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Acrovyn Wall Protection and Corner Guards

One of the most common issues commercial and institutional clients approach us with is the need for wall and corner protection. In areas where durability against impact damage is needed – whether from hospital beds, unruly shopping carts or anything in between –Acrovyn products by C/S Construction Specialties are the best way to prevent damage to your building’s walls and wall edges.

acrovyn-featureProtect Your Space, Preserve Your Good Looks

Protecting your space against impact damage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great looks, either – there’s an Acrovyn product to suit nearly any design aesthetic. Acrovyn corner guards are available in an enormous range of styles, materials, and colours – from standard Acrovyn 4000 guards, to Acrovyn Chameleon simulated wood and metal, Acrovyn Renaissance real wood & metal, and even stainless steel! With a finer surface texture than competing products, Acrovyn 4000 offers greater colour consistency, more realistic patterns, and wipe-it-off ease of maintenance, all while being 20 times more durable than stained wood!

Acrovyn 4000 rigid sheet wall covering is the perfect solution for interior areas subjected to daily abuse. Available in two durable thicknesses, Acrovyn wall covering provides heavy-duty protection in an enormous range of looks, with 64 solid colours and over 30 patterns, including simulated wood and metal.

Mean, Green and Easy to Clean – With Awards to Prove It!

Acrovyn products don’t just protect your environment – they protect the environment for everyone. The newest Acrovyn 4000 product line is completely recyclable, free of PVC and other harmful chemicals, and is mounted with C/S water-and-plant based primer and adhesive. And because Acrovyn offers a finer surface texture than competing products’ standard pebbled texture, it requires no harmful or abrasive chemicals to clean. In other words, Acrovyn rigid sheet and corner guard products are a healthy choice for sensitive surroundings!

Acrovyn patterned corner guards and rigid sheet products have been thoroughly evaluated for environmental standards by MBDC, and are the only wall protection system awarded Cradle to Cradle Silver and Gold certification for material health, waste-free manufacturing and total environmental sustainability. Acrovyn 4000 has also been recognized as one of the top 10 Green Building Products of 2010 by Sustainable Industries magazine.