9 Quick Facts about Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents should be top-of-mind for all commercial building operators, for both your staff and the general public!  Here’s 9 quick facts you probably didn’t know about slip and fall accidents:

  1. Slip and fall accidents are the #1 cause of workplace injuries when averaged among all industries.
  2. Slips, trips, and other fall accidents account for 20% of all worker’s compensation costs.
  3. In 2007-08, slip and fall accidents accounted for a third of all worker injuries.
  4. Industries with higher than usual susceptibility to slip and fall accidents include construction, public administration, the postal service, food service, and hospitality / healthcare.
  5. Falls are one of the top three leading causes of accidental death in North America.
  6. 75% of slip and fall accidents occur on public-facing surfaces, like installed flooring, staircases, and exterior sidewalks.
  7. According to the National Safety Council, nearly 15% of all accidental deaths are due to injuries sustained because of a fall.  This figure disproportionately affects the elderly.
  8. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, every day more than 25,000 North Americans go to hospitals due to injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents.
  9. Statistics show that 60% of falls happen from a standing height; only 40% of falls happen from an elevated height.

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