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5 Best Heavy Duty Mats For Commercial Building’s Indoors

Indoor floor mats for Commercial Buildings help make entrances safer and help reduce maintenance costs. Indoor walk-off mats can be custom-sized carpet runners to provide safe footing during inclement weather, cut in around revolving doors for a custom fit or recessed into the stone or tile to allow rolled traffic to roll across easily. Which type of indoor entry matting is the best for your property will be based upon overall appearance, durability, price, and effectiveness.

As most business owners will agree, Indoor floor mats create another great opportunity to market their unique brand-name. The mat industry has heeded the call by addressing every possible need. Save time by reviewing this summary of what’s hot and what’s not. The Indoor floor mats industry has seen phenomenal growth in the past decade. This is in large part due to technological advances that have paved the way to newer and more cost-effective product lines. Now, you have choices ranging from gorgeous Indoor floor mats to heavy duty rubber outdoor mats, and lighter weight printed mats.

The challenge for most consumers is having the time to research these options. Let’s shed some light on the subject to see if we can save you a few moments of your precious time. Here are the tops best Heavy Duty Mats for Commercial Buildings Indoors.

Plush Logo floor mats

The elegance of a thick plush logo floor mats with a logo inset can make a statement. Materials range from shorter commercial-grade 36 oz. mat up to the heavier residential grade 90 oz. mat. Sometimes, the logo details can be hand-carved to create a 3D effect. Ideal for Corporate Lobbies, Tradeshows, and Special Events.

Digitally Printed floor mats

Now, it’s possible to capture photo-quality images and have a digital print applied-inkjet fashion – onto a short looped commercial grade mat and some cut pile carpets. Still in its infancy stages, this technology promises to lead the way in some fascinating directions. This product is a good for short-term events like tradeshows.

Indoor / Outdoor Mats

These medium to heavy duty mats have a wide range of uses. These mats are made from a more substantial Nitril Rubber or polypropylene / plastic. They are machine made and may also feature an anti-fatigue close cell construction that is perfect for warehouse facilities and other industrial applications. Ideal for heavy traffic areas.

Tufted Printed Mats

This is the printed mat you see in the retail sector, in gas stations, supermarkets, and convenience stores everywhere. These are designed for heavy traffic and overall abuse from the public. The main purpose is to collect dirt, moisture, and grime before entering the building. Ideal for retail locations with lots of traffic and wet weather conditions.

A look into the future: We’re seeing some progress into more luminescent applications of logos and door mats, specifically the addition of lighting effects within the mat itself. The effects can be impressive in subdued lighting. I can imagine some creative applications when these products finally enter the mainstream.

There are a few dozen online sources for all these mat products. When you’re ready to get some quotes, it’s recommended to measure your space and determine how many mats you’ll need, the sizes, and finally, have your logo ready in digital form. You can email this directly to the merchant and receive a quote the same day or usually within 24 hrs.

As you can see, there is a broad selection of possibilities to choose from, with different features and benefits. Here is a quick recap: higher quality commercial grade mats are fine for indoors lobbies & tradeshows, industrial grade rubber mats are used outdoors and in high traffic areas, and finally, the cheaper printed versions are designed for heavy foot traffic and the collection of dirt and moisture.

Regardless of which industry your business operates in, it’s almost guaranteed there will be areas of flooring on your premises that pose safety hazards or require protection from dirt and moisture or both. There are a number of ways to solve these problems, but perhaps the most cost-effective and appealing to the eye is the use of indoor mats.

What Issues Can Indoor Mats Solve?

Indoor mats are the perfect way to solve a multitude of problems, from the simple to the complex, and these are just a few:

  • Protecting entranceways from dirt, wet, and foreign contaminants would otherwise be tracked through your premises from outside.
  • Absorbing oil, grease, and dust in industrial areas
  • Preventing slips and trips in busy areas
  • Reducing staff fatigue in situations where employees are required to stand for prolonged periods of time
  • Promoting your business through use of colour and branding
  • Protecting against extreme weather conditions

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