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4 Things You Need To Look For In Commercial Rubber Flooring

4 Things You Need To Look For In Commercial Rubber Flooring

Commercial rubber flooring has a versatile number of applications and is becoming increasingly popular for schools, gyms, and even for contemporary offices. This durable flooring provides a comfy cushion to workout, play, stand, and walk. It comes in a variety of colors, and can be customized to create a unique look. You can even have your company or team logo printed on your flooring. There are many factors to consider before selecting your rubber flooring, and the tips below will help.

That It Meets Your Needs

As with any other type of flooring, you must select the rubber flooring that is designed to meet your needs. A gym with weights and heavy equipment has vastly different needs than an office with general foot traffic. An office has drastically different needs than a school with kids who love to run, and jump, and play. If you need your mat to provide shock absorption, or that can withstand heavy weight, then you need a mat that is thicker—and of a higher quality rubber.

Roll And Glue Or Lock

Interlocking rubber flooring has many advantages. Gym owners and schools can rotate mats in high traffic areas so that the floor as a whole will wear evenly. However, an ice skating rink or contemporary office requires a floor that is rolled out and glued down to ensure no slippage. Also, to ensure that water, snow, ice, and debris don’t get trapped underneath. While you might be tempted to roll a small portion of mat as needed, don’t forget that rubber has memory. Over time, it will remember the shape of the roll—which will degrade the rubber.

Indoor Or Outdoor

Yes, rubber is waterproof, but not all commercial rubber flooring is designed for outdoor use. Before you get too caught up in deciding which color and style you like, make sure it is designed for the conditions is will be placed. For example, a ski lodge or golf course will likely invest in a different type of rubber mat than a technology company.

Should It Look Like Rubber

Your reasons for choosing commercial rubber flooring, may not be because you want a floor that looks like rubber. Maybe you are looking for eco-friendly flooring made from recycled rubber, but you might want your floors to look more like carpet. The options are quite versatile, and can be so convincing that no one may be the wiser. Maybe the look of rubber is not your goal, but the customized ways in which your floor can double as branding—or can be designed to look like a work of art.

Source Floor provides you with direct access to the highest quality commercial rubber flooring brands available today. If you are searching for a cost-effective, durable, and versatile floor—rubber should be at the top of your list.

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