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4 Successful Examples of Using Commercial Entrance Mats with Logos to Direct Traffic

There are many ways in which commercial entrance mats with your logo inlaid on can be used throughout your business to help improve the flow of foot traffic. Below are 4 successful examples of our custom made mats designed specifically for the business they reside in.

ICBC Driver Service Center

You can use line dividers to help direct traffic, but it’s not always clear where to enter or exit. Even with signage, it can be easy to miss—or maybe there is a language barrier. By adding clear directional arrows within the line dividers, clients always know where to enter and exit while waiting for the next available customer service agent. As you can see, this custom directional mat we built for the ICBC Driver Services Centre in Surrey was custom cut to fit the curve of the counter and all the available queuing space.  There is even an “X” to mark the spot so that patrons know when to stop and wait to be called to the desk.

Park Shore BMW

In a large lobby, where it’s easy for customers to feel unsure about where to go, custom directional mats make things easy. In the large mat we designed for Park Shore BMW, customers are quickly and easily able to identify which way the reception desk they need is. This is ideal for times when your customer service agents are busy helping someone else, or in lobbies with multiple or somewhat remote entrances. For this mat, we used our Grizzly FX in Ebony with Pearl Grey inlaid arrows.

Scotiabank Halifax

Line dividers have long been used for directing traffic in banks, theaters, ticket counters, customer service centers, and other businesses where long lines are common. However, stanchions and line dividers can be supplemented (or replaced entirely!) with custom designed commercial entrance mats with your logo or directional arrows inlaid. This makes it easier for patrons to understand which way to go when there is no one else in line, while making it clear that they must wait their turn on the mat. From a design standpoint, mats are far more visually appealing than stanchions, and have the additional bonus of keeping your floors cleaner and drier. This mat for Scotiabank in Halifax has a rounded edge that doesn’t just direct the line but lets the next person in line know which way to go when it’s their turn.

Scotiabank Antigua

When you choose a directional floor mat to divide and guide your line you can easily direct traffic in any way you like. You can wrap around a counter or keep a zigzag line that is confined to a clear and specific area—often running the length of the service counter. This mat for Scotiabank in Antigua is a perfect example of just that. While it serves a functional purpose for the bank, it is also a comfortable place for customers to stand. The mat will also reduce the wear and tear on the lobby flooring.

Your options for custom made commercial entrance mats are endless. We can design your mats in an endless variety of sizes, shapes, and colors—with your logo, design, or directional features inlaid on to ensure they never fade. Reach out to the team at Source Floor today to discuss your custom commercial mat.

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