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4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Get Industrial Door Mats with an Inlaid Logo

As a business owner or facilities manager, you understand how the smallest of details can be the difference between quality and disappointment. As you explore your options in industrial door mats with your logo added on, you must do more than select a commercial brand—but decide between inlaid or printed. Below are the 4 reasons why your company should choose inlaid mats.

So That Your Design Lasts As Long As Your Matting

You can order any Source Floor mats in neutrals or contrasting colors, but if you are going to add your logo as a method of branding or marketing—inlaying is a must. Printed mats are nothing more than plain mats with your logo printed on top. While they arrive looking as you wish, the printing simply won’t last. It will begin to fade, wear in areas of high traffic, and can even smudge. Depending on where the mat is placed, and the weather, this can occur just months after purchase. Invest in computer-cut inlaid mats, in which every element of your design is made from high-quality matting. Just like the neutral sections of your mat, the design is chemically bonded to the foundation providing you with a durable design that will never fade, and will wear at the same rate as the surrounding matting.

So That Your Logo Pops

Whether placed at your main entrance, or strategically throughout your building—you want to make sure that your mats are an accurate reflection of your business and brand. That means that your logo must pop on a mat with contrasting color, but also that your logo and lettering is clean, crisp, and easy to identify. If you opt for printed instead, you run the risk of a design that smudges and fades, and is therefore not an accurate reflection of who you are.

For Safety And Comfort

Investing in an industrial door mat with your logo added on is first and foremost an investment in safety and comfort. Our Grizzly FX heavy-duty dryer/scraper mats provide you with the traction and water-wicking matting you require for safety, but they are a versatile mat that many of our customers choose as a long-lasting indoor and event mat. While not an anti-fatigue option, they provide that little extra cushion and shock absorption for areas where your customers or team members stand for long periods of time. They are also an excellent way of protecting the high traffic areas of your lobby or walkways.

Because You Need A Versatile Matting Solution

Our industrial door mats can be inlaid with your logo, or with any design you desire. This provides you with an endless option of versatile matting solutions. Our mats can be printed in hundreds of standard and custom colors, making them a popular choice for creating a perimeter for displays, and decorative design elements.

Don’t forget that your Source Floor mats can be printed in any size or shape you need. Reach out today to learn more!