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4 Pros of Getting Custom Made Rugs with Your Company Logo You Didn’t Think Of

If you are going to add custom made rugs to your business, why not add your logo too? Whether placed at your entryways, work stations, POS, or as runners in high footstep areas—the benefits to adding your logo to your rugs and floor mats are many.

Free Marketing And Advertising

Anytime you can get your logo out there, the better! However, you must get creative when thinking of where you can place your floor mats. Your business is of course the first place that comes to mind, but it’s certainly not the only options. Also consider offering safety and functional mat for events you are sponsoring, in shared lobbies, or to local community events. This is a win/win as it saves the recipient money, and provides you with the perfect opportunity to market and advertise. Even when in your own lobby or business, your logo floor mats reinforce your brand.

It’s Visually Appealing And Fun

If you are looking for a creative way to liven things up, have a special design created for your custom-made rugs. This could be as simple as your logo in a color that will stand out on your darker colored mat, but there are so many ways to go. The design technology for custom made rugs with logos has really come a long way. The ways in which you can turn a functional rug or mat into a visually appealing and fun part of the décor are endless.

Floor Mats Keep Your Business Looking It’s Best

There are millions of trips to the emergency room each year due to slips and falls. Preventing falls in your lobby or business is likely your primary reason for adding rugs and floor mats. While your mats may be placed primarily for safety purposes, don’t forget how clean they help to keep your business. When placed at your entry way, they will remove much of the dirt, debris, and water from the bottoms of your patron and employees’ shoes. This will keep the surrounding floors clean, ensuring your business looks its best. Or place in areas where your employees stand for long periods of time, or where lines tend to form—to ensure even wear on your high footstep areas.

Use As Part Of Your Display

If you will be working an off-site convention or special event, consider adding a floormat as part of your display—even if you don’t need one for safety purposes. Your floor mats are an excellent way to personalize even small pop-up shops and displays. It is a small, yet effective way of branding your business when selling your products or services outside of your usual place of business. Also, an excellent display piece for mobile business owners.

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons to consider custom made rugs with your logo, branding, or event-specific creatives. With proper cleaning and care a quality mat can last a year or more—less with a high volume of foot traffic.

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