Entrance Mats

3 Things You Need to Know When Picking the Color of The Entrance Mat of Your Business

Entrance mats play a vital role in keeping your business clean and your lobby safe. Their primary goal is to pick up the bulk of the dirt, debris, ice, and water tracked in on your employee and patron’s shoes. While function is your primary goal, you want your floor mat to look good too. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the color.

Darker Is Always Better

Pay attention to the next few businesses you walk into. Whether they are casual or upscale, you are sure to notice that their entrance mats are almost always black, grey, or a dark shade of blue or brown. While you can certainly order mats in lighter colors, lighter colors simply aren’t practical. Just think of the dirt, mud, and debris found on the bottom or your shoes—then consider how quickly it will discolor a stylish but lighter colored mat. While black and grey may not be part of your design décor they are both a neutral, and also a standard color in entrance mats for business lobbies.

Don’t Overthink Making Your Logo Pop

If you decide to have your logo or business name added to your entrance mat, you may start to consider which color mats will make your logo pop. Or, maybe your logo contains the black or grey—so you start looking at mats that are lighter in color so that your logo will be visible. While the goal may be to make your logo pop, it must not be at the expense of an entry mat that is either a contrasting color with your décor, or so light in color that it immediately looks dirty. Talk with us about alternate options, such as printing your log in white.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

You might fall for one of the bright colored business entry mats such as red or yellow. However, really think about how much of an eyesore such a large square may be at your front door. Neither of these is neutral colors, and in many cases, they will clash with the lobby or entryway floor. If you crave color on your floor mat, add a colorful logo, business name, or relevant graphics.

When Does Color Work?

While we advise most of our clients to stick with darker colors that will automatically disguise dirt, there is certainly a time and a place for colored lobby or entrance business mats. For example, you may require a mat for other areas of your lobby or building. This could include a runner that divides your lobby into lines. The mat will protect high footstep areas, and the brighter color can provide the contrast required to guide patrons to the appropriate line or location.

If you aren’t sure what color mat, what size mat, or what make and model of mat is best for your business—not to worry. We understand the options are overwhelming, but will work with you to select a mat that is both functional and visually appealing. While your mat may not become a focal point of your entryway, it will keep your business looking its best.

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