Trade Show Booth Flooring

3 Simple and Effective Flooring Ideas for Trade Show Booths You Need to See

As you consider how to design and decorate your pop-up shop or off-site displays, flooring must not be forgotten. Adding a temporary floor helps to frame and distinguish your space, and can even be used to help control the flow of traffic in larger display spaces. You have an endless option of trade show booth flooring ideas, 3 of which are detailed below.

Inlaid Area Rugs

Source Floor offers a large selection of inlaid area rugs that are perfect for creating a stylized look for your trade show booth. Superior to the area rugs that you can purchase in your local retailers, because they are designed to be durable. They are also fast and easy to roll, and lightweight enough that you can easily transport them to and from.

Inlay with your logo, or get creative and choose a colorful custom design. With chemically bonded, and individually cut sections—you will have durable flooring that will be part of your display for years to come. You can also order your area rugs in custom shapes and sizes. Place in front of your main table, create a full border with your area rugs, or place within your interior seating section.

Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Mats

One of the challenges with investing in portable flooring is that each booth or space is a different size. Thanks to interlocking floor mats, you can quickly and easily create a perimeter for any size booth. These dual-purpose mats will provide you with a comfortable place to stand for the day on the often concreate convention floors, and can be used to create a stylized look. Order in standard neutrals, fun pops of color, or in faux-woodgrain. Interlocking mats come in easy to transport cases, and with non-interlocking edges so that you have a safe no-trip border.

Individual Runners And Mats

Every offsite display is unique, meaning you may be in need of several trade show booth flooring ideas. If your booth is large, outdoors, or you need to create a flow of traffic—consider individual runners and mats. Order in any solid color you desire, or have your mats inlaid with your logo, design, or directive. For example, an arrow that guides guests on where to enter and exit. Order a dryer/scraper mat for areas with dust, sand, or a bit of dampness will help to create a non-slip area—and will help to keep your booth clean. Although outdoor friendly, you can also utilize runners indoors.

You May Need More Than One Type Of Flooring For Your Display

When selecting your flooring, keep in mind that you may require more than one type of flooring per display. For example, an inlaid logo mat at the front, and a stylized area rug within. Alternatively, you may want an anti-fatigue mat to stand on in addition to your decorative matting.

The three trade show booth flooring ideas above can be utilized to create an endless option of flooring designs. Reach out to Source Floor today to discuss your branded off-site flooring solution.