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3 Questions You Need to Answer Before Your Pick Commercial Grade Carpet Tiles for Your Business

Commercial grade carpet tiles are an exciting flooring solution, because they can be installed directly on top of almost any preexisting flooring—instantly transforming the look and feel of your workspace. Tiles are faster to install than standard carpet, and easier to clean and maintain than tile or wood. As a commercial product, they are also stain resistant, fade resistant, and made from durable fibers designed to keep up with your high footstep areas. Since installed as tiles, you can replace tiles that stain or wear, without replacing the entire floor. Here are the 3 questions you need to ask before selecting your tiles.

What Are Your Functional Goals?

First and foremost, you must determine the goals you wish to achieve by having carpet installed. Odds are, you have more than one. For starters, you can’t control the flooring your commercial rental comes with. If the flooring is stained, plain concrete, in poor condition, or uncomfortable—commercial grade carpet tiles are an excellent solution. They will also provide depth and texture, and depending on your space can improve energy efficiency.

What Are Your Stylistic Goals?

The Constantine Modular Carpet tiles are one of our most popular commercial carpeting options. Not only are they durable, but they come in a variety of colors and patterns—making it easy to achieve your stylistic goals. Just like any other type of tile, you can artistically install your carpet tiles to create a custom design. This makes it easy to create a signature look that matches the design aesthetic of your business. Or you can keep things simple by choosing a neutral color or pattern.

Where Will The Tiles Be Placed?

Carpet tiles are designed to be mold and mildew resistant to the occasional spill, or daily moisture tracked in on the bottom of your client or employee’s feet on wet or rainy days. individual soiled tiles can even be removed for cleaning, or replaced if they get too wet. That being said, carpet is not designed in areas with high levels of moisture. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may have multiple types of flooring throughout. For example, carpet tiles in your lobby and hallways, and wood in your offices. Or carpet in your restaurant dining room, and a non-slip floor in your bathrooms and kitchen.

Perfect For Commercial Use

Commercial grade carpet tiles provide businesses with the freedom and flexibility to personalize their rented office spaces. Perfect for commercial rental properties.

Source Floor provides a wide range of easy to install commercial grade carpet tiles and carpet rolls. Reach out today to discuss which option is best for your business.


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  1. Rosalie Hall says:

    The carpet is a smart choice for a commercial building’s aesthetics. Also, the staff should enjoy walking at it comfortably every day. Similarly, guests should feel welcomed in part from seeing a wonderful carpet. For that, I think you should also ask yourself this question: “What’s the aura like?”

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