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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Entrance Mats Stand Out

Your top priority when adding entrance mats to your building is to minimize the amount of dirt, debris, and water that is tracked in on your patrons’ and employees’ shoes.  This reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents and helps to reduce wear on your lobby’s flooring surfaces. While safety and cleanliness come first, don’t underestimate the potential for branding your business, improving design, and optimizing logistics. Below are 3 easy ways to make your building’s entrance stand out.

Add Your Building’s Logo Or Marquee Tenants’ Names

Adding your building’s logo to your entrance mats is an excellent way to brand your specific building as a property of choice.  Inlaying your building’s logo into your custom entrance matting produces sharp, vibrant results that stay crisp throughout the mat’s service lifetime.  The logo inlay process uses a precision ultrasonic computerized cutting table to cut out each of your logo’s design elements into individual pieces, which are then inlaid into your entrance matting. The result is a mat with a design that never blurs, wears off, or fades because each element of the logo is made from individual pieces of material like pieces in a puzzle!

Get Creative

While most people think that entrance mats are limited to rectangles, our custom mats are tailored to fit your entryway – so feel free to get creative! Our custom mats can be designed to fit the unique shape of your entry way around pillars, trash receptacles, reception counters, security desks, and more.  Or have mats custom-designed to fit the entrance point of your revolving doors, to prevent slip and fall accidents around the base of your escalators, or help guide traffic with directional arrows and labels inlaid right into the mat!  Your creative mats can complement your interior design, while providing safety, comfort, and improved cleanliness.

A Building-Wide Matting Plan

Many office buildings, retail centers, and buildings can benefit from a building-wide floor mat plan, including entrance door mats. Consider the layout and logistics in your lobby, service center, business, or building—and consider how mats can help make your space more efficient. For example, if you have a high traffic lobby, you can help spread the cleaning load and make your matting more efficient by deploying the appropriate type of entrance matting at each stage of your entrance.  An aggressive vinyl scraper mat should be your first line of defense against the elements, followed by a milder scraper/dryer polypropylene mat, and finished off with a scraper/dryer mat to complete the package.  Concentrating water and dirt at your building’s entry points makes cleaning it up easier, faster, and more efficient for your janitorial staff.

To learn more about your options in custom commercial mats, reach out to the team at Source Floor.

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